Covid-19 Update
For those arriving after 7/1

To anyone concerned about their Alaska trip, thanks for reaching out. I understand your frustrations. Let me assure you, that you should not have any issues getting to Alaska and our lodges.

I spoke to the Alaska Health Department in charge of the COVID process and here is what he said (quoted and paraphrased)

  1. The state understands there are testing issues in the lower 48. If you can get tested, that's great, and you will have additional peace of mind. If not, do not worry. "the Governor was not accurate in his statements on Friday 5/29"
  2. If you arrive on a weekday during business hours, you can choose to be tested. If you arrive any other time, there likely won't be testing agents anyway. If you haven't been, or choose not to be tested, the state is requesting a voluntary, "honor system" self-quarantine. He stressed the "honor system". In other words, come to our lodges and enjoy your stay. There is no detaining or enforcement of the mandate. Local authorities aren't even involved

More....anecdotes from recent guests

A. Guests who have arrived and are arriving soon fall into 3 categories..all of which allow you to reach your destination.

  1. Tested at home within 72 hours of arrival. Show proof of any test at Anchorage airport and you are on your way to our lodge.
  2. Not tested at home and want to get tested at the airport. You will be asked to "quarantine" for a couple of days until contacted with results. You can "quarantine" at our lodge. (See #2 above)
  3. Not tested at home and refuses test at the airport. "Self-quarantine" at our lodge (Again see #2 above)

The people who have come to our lodges so far (even after the testing started) have had no delays and no issues. It is a quick cursory discussion with the testing agency.

For those of you who still want to postpone, our policy stands because we would consider it a voluntary postponement:

  1. You must be paid in full by the time you postpone
  2. You will pay an extra 10% re-booking fee or you can have a credit toward a 2021 package which will likely be higher priced. The only exception to this is if you test positive prior to getting on the plane.
  3. You will have to incur any price increases by our subcontractor like the Seward Fjords Cruises or Fly-ins
  4. Unfortunately, If you cancel outright you will lose any money paid

Obviously, we do not recommend travel if you are ill. If you get ill while you are here, I am sure you will be required to quarantine and we would help you find a place for that at minimum cost

Masks and gloves are no longer required, but we are suggesting social distancing and good hygiene practices.

There is very little reason to postpone due to Covid mandates at this point. We look forward to seeing you soon