Welcome to Alaska Hooksetters Lodge


Thank you for booking your Alaska vacation with Russell Fishing at Alaska Hooksetters Lodge. You will have a wonderful time and enjoy all that the Kenai Peninsula has to offer. As you settle in to your accommodations and start to relax and unwind from your trip, please review the information below. Hopefully, this will answer any questions you might have so you can begin to enjoy your vacation immediately.

The Alaska Hooksetters manager, Karen, will handle all your lodging and food needs.

Your fishing itinerary will be developed by Glenn from Russell who will also be at Hooksetters during your stay. In order to answer any outstanding questions, Glenn and/or Karen will join you for appetizers nightly. Your fishing will all be guided by the professional and fully licensed and certified Russell staff. (They are not on site.)

A detailed map has been provided in your room and on this app to make sure you get to your launch points on time. Please take the time to familiarize yourself to avoid any problems. All necessary phone numbers are listed below and on the map. Please carry it with you and call your charter guide with any issues.

Fishing information:

* Upon arrival, you will be given a detailed self-explanatory schedule for the week. This activity sheet will give you details of where to go, who your guide will be, what you need to bring, phone numbers, etc.

If you have any special requests or concerns, please text Glenn using the button below.



At this point, we will do our best to make changes but it is not always possible. Karen is not involved in the fishing aspect but speaks to Glenn regularly. Your licenses (and king stamps where applicable) need to be on your person when you are fishing or you won’t be able to go on your charter

* We have planned your individual events well in advance, and fishing venues are based on our knowledge of current conditions and success, but there are occasions that cause schedules to change. External factors such as weather, tides, fishing success and conditions, fishing regulations, and ADF&G emergency orders can have a day to day dramatic effect on the schedule. Rest assured, we will get your entire schedule of trips accomplished while allowing for some flexibility for your preferences as well. We can’t guarantee that we can make changes from your original itinerary. Weather, especially in fly ins or saltwater can be a factor. We will do our best to make sure your salt or fly in charter takes place, but there are times when we aren’t able to move those charters around. If they are cancelled, we will replace with a river trip of your choice (sometimes on short notice).

* Stop by a local store to purchase your license if you haven’t done so already. We do not write licenses at the lodge.

*Boots and raingear are on racks and you can keep on your porch for the week. If you have a leak, let us know. Please contact Karen at the end of your trip to return your equipment, boots and rain gear.

 * Fish processing is done by Tanners Processing (in Soldotna it is called Kasilof Seafoods). You will drop your fish off at tanners daily and get a receipt. That way you know you are getting your  fish. Your fish will be filleted and brought there for professional freezing and packing. Before you leave, we will arrange to have your fish available for pickup at Tanners in Soldotna. If you have special requests for smoking, specific packing or want to ship instead of carrying on the plane (expensive to ship overnight), please contact Tanner’s.

(907) 262-9572

Karen or Jessica will contact you as your stay comes to an end regarding your fish and disposition. We are not responsible for shipping or providing fish you do not catch.

 * If you are going to fish on your own, please take a heavy duty trash bag with you. If you fish on your own, please return gear in same condition.. Please put any fish you catch in a heavy plastic bag and place inside one of the large green fish coolers with ice. Tag with your name on the bag itself and leave by the fence next to the ice machine. Text Karen upon return. It is extremely important to at least bleed your fish by cutting the gills before you leave the river. We don’t want any bear issues so cleaning fish on the Hooksetters property is prohibited.

Lodging and meals information:

 * Karen will help you with any lodging needs you might have. Check out is at 10 but you can put your luggage in the main lodge and hang out if you have a late flight. Appetizers are served at 6 PM near the fire, and dinner is between 6:45 and 7 PM. Karmyn and our staff provide a terrific pre-set menu every night except Thursday. We are sure you will enjoy the food. Sorry, but we can’t accommodate any last minute or multiple changes to the menu. For breakfast, egg dishes or sandwiches, muffins, fruits, cereals, juices are there for you to eat. Marked Lunches will be in the small refrigerator in the yurt. Simply grab a cooler near the ice machine

* We can’t serve alcohol by law but you are welcome to purchase your own and enjoy at dinner, in your room/cabin or at the firepit.

* The rooms in the lodge are charged a premium because guests specifically reserved them. Please respect their privacy. In addition, the main lodge is the manager’s residence so please only access after you have contacted Karen so she can be there to greet you.

* The majority of the rest of the property is for your use. Please pay attention to any areas that are not accessible due to regulations or liability reasons e.g. Main fishing shed, boats, kitchen yurt.

* Please park where Guest Parking is marked…..perpendicular to parking bumpers

*FIREARMS: Per the property owners, no firearms are allowed on the property unless kept locked and secured in your vehicles trunk. Also please do not bring firearms on fishing charters or you may not be allowed on the boat.

Miscellaneous information:

* There is a hospital nearby in Soldotna. If you have a pre-existing condition we should be aware of, or if you need medical attention, please let us know.

* WIFI is sometimes available through the Alaska Hooksetters-Guest network. Password: kenairiver

PLEASE DO NOT download or stream movies, videos or audio files. If you do, you may be charged for excess usage when we monitor or we may have to shut off.

* Weather varies daily and forecasts are not reliable. Be prepared for anything from high 30s in the AM to 7o in the afternoon. Layers are best. Dress warm in AM. It can rain at any time so always be prepared with rain gear on your charters.

* Mosquitoes are abundant and large this year (Alaska State Bird) Repellant with Deet works best.

* Gratuities for staff and guides are discretionary. Many people ask what is ‘typical” Daily tips for guides from $20-$30 pp and a weekly tip for staff to share

* If there is any damage to the lodge or equipment that is caused by your group, we reserve the right to bill the credit card on file for the appropriate amount. Obviously we will discuss with you.


Enjoy your stay with Alaska Hooksetters and your fishing with Russell Fishing Company!

Also check our FAQ for much additional information

Important phone numbers:

You can use these button to click-to-call staff:

Lodging and food: KAREN

Fishing: GLENN

Backup for both: JESSICA

For Halibut trip issues day of charter: DUSTIN

If you can’t reach us by phone, please try text.

You can use these buttons to send us a text: